Why Choose Composting?

At Mr. Fox composting we’re hoping we can make a big difference by getting more people to throw their organic waste into a separate container. That’s it. Our composting process meets the National Organic Program (NOP) standard requirements. Mr. Fox Composting is regulated by the state of Maine Department of Environmental Services.

Composting, Easy As 1,2,3!

STEP 1: Easy Pickup

One of our Mr. Fox Drivers picks up your residential or business organic waste.

STEP 2: Compost

Mr. Fox takes all the collected compost and brings it to our compost facility where we can begin the compost process.

STEP 3: Soil Delivery

A few short months later your waste has been worked through the compost process, using our mixture and heat. Now, the most amazing soil is ready to grow fruits, vegetables and more at farms, homes and schools.

Where Does your Food Go?